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For Students in Grades Pre-K - 2nd Grade

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Summer School System

Full School Year Curriculum

Whether You're Needing a Full Spanish Reading Learning System or a supplemental program,

Early Spanish Reading has you Covered

Early Spanish reading is systematically organized into books which teach specific letters at a time. With your host profesor manzana, early Spanish reading will quickly become the highlight of your students day. Here's how it works:


Your Student Learns Vocabulary and Specific Letters in Each Book One Letter at a Time

Ma Sa La

The Learned Letters are Combined into Syllables and Learned Vocabulary is Reinforced



Syllables are then combined into full words and vocabulary is reinforced

Early Spanish Reading Helps to Meet State learning Requirements in:




Language Instruction


And More


Self Guided or Instructor Directed Online Assessments


Online and Print Instruction Materials


Tactile interaction with the fabulous letter tray


Fun and interactive instruction with Profesor Manzana and our online fables

Meet Professor Manzana

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How it Works


Early Spanish Reading Book 1 is designed to give your child a fun and easy way to learn Spanish.

When your child learns to read in Spanish, they begin to put sounds together in English and learn both languages together. This way of learning was made over 50 years ago for public schools and is now being offered to help your child to read.

These videos will take your child on a fun adventure where they will learn all about science and reading. Each video leaves your child wanting to learn more every time they see it.