Fabulous Little Alphabet Tray!


Young children may not yet write well, but with they delight in using the alphabet tray to practice forming syllables and words, and reading what they’ve spelled.. More than 50,000 have been used in classrooms across the Southwest. They feature construction from durable plastic and a complete set of English and Spanish letters printed on plastic card stock.

Their tiny hands may not yet be able to write legibly, but they can easily pull plastic letters from the alphabet tray and form syllables and words with them. The durable plastic tray---with raised, highlighted letters---will last for years as will the complete English and Spanish alphabets , printed on plastic stock.

Regular use of the alphabet tray offers important educational benefits:

  • Adds motor skills to visual discrimination tasks
  • Reinforces the learning of sound-letter correspondences
  • Helps establish left to right progression habits quickly
  • Teaches alphabetical order naturally and easily
  • No need to erase mistakes and re-write; simply switch out the letters